Equipment Financing for the Items You Need

Both new and existing businesses need the right equipment in order to thrive and remain competitive. You wouldn’t cut corners on building or maintaining the property your business operates from, and the same should hold true for the equipment you and your customers use. An equipment financing program from Harbour View Capital can help you fill your workplace with state-of-the-art, high-quality equipment at a price you can afford. These are some of the types of financing we offer.


Sale and Lease Back

We can allow you to use your equipment as equity on a hard money loan. Harbour View Capital buys the equipment you already have and leases it back to you so you can use the proceeds of the sale for your business expenses. Once all payments are made on the lease, you own the equipment again.

Start-up Financing

We are willing to work with star-up companies and those that don’t have an extensive credit history. Equipment leasing is a great way to build credit so you can get other types of loans later on. 

Low Credit Score

We are also willing to work with companies that have a low credit score to help them build their credit back up. Our second chance program is ideal for helping businesses with poor credit finance equipment they need. 

Municipal Leasing

We guaranteeing approval for government and municipal entities that apply for financing. Some of the organizations this applies to include

  • Public schools
  • Police and fire
  • Libraries
  • Armed forces

Benefits of Leasing

Our equipment leasing programs have low monthly payments that you can realistically afford. It allows you to preserve existing lines of credit and doesn’t tie up working capital that you can use for other expenses. Leasing also has a number of tax incentives, since lease payments are generally treated as business expenses. 

To find out more about equipment leasing or financing, contact one of the agents at Harbour View Capital.