Franchise Loans for Your Business

Opening a franchise of an existing company allows you to realize your dreams of owning a small business while still benefiting from the name recognition and built-in quality control of working for a major company. As many franchise owners in the past of learned, there are often hidden costs associated with opening a franchise. That is why Harbour View Capital has a franchise financing option designed specifically for those opening up a new location for an existing business.


What Is Covered

We offer franchise financing in a variety of amounts, with competitive rates and repayment options. You can use the capital from your loan for purchasing property or building a new property, as well as for buying equipment, paying franchise fees or covering new business costs. 

Benefits of Franchise Financing

Whether you are a new owner or an individual with several franchises already under your belt, we have a loan solution you can use. We have a fast turnaround time on pre-qualification, and we offer quick closing and commitments so you won’t feel like your time has been wasted. Our rates are low, and we offer flexible repayment periods. 

If you are looking for capital to help you open a franchise, contact one of the lending agents at Harbour View Capital to discuss your options today.