Lead Your Practice to Success With the Right Financing

If you run a medical practice, having access to enough capital is absolutely critical to your operations. At Harbour View Capital, we are proud to offer a number of different healthcare financing options to chiropractors, dentist, doctors, veterinarians, and others in the healthcare industry.


Programs We Have to Offer

In order to better meet the needs of our clients, we have several different programs available to medical professionals. These include:

  • Working capital—with one of these loans, you can use the capital however you see fit to enhance your practice. For example, you can use the funding to consolidate your debts, expand your practice, or for your personal needs.
  • Medical equipment leasing—if you so desire, we can provide you with a loan and a lease simultaneously.
  • Practice acquisition loans—are you interested in exponential growth? If so, we have the capital to meet your needs, whether you are interested in buying out a current partner or simply opening a new practice.

We also have a debt consolidation program in place for medical professionals. Through this program, we can refinance your debt into just one low monthly payment.

Get in Touch With Us Today

At Harbour View Capital, we would be more than happy to go over any of our medical financing programs with you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.