Overcome the Challenge of Acquiring Pre-Sold Merchandise

As a business owner, one of your biggest challenges may not be production or making sales. Rather, it may be locating the funding you need to acquire pre-sold merchandise. Fortunately, at Harbour View Capital, we can provide you with purchase order financing for the purpose or exporting, importing, or domestically producing pre-sold merchandise.


Why You Should Consider Purchase Order Financing

We specialize in Letters of Credit for trade finance and production finance for work in process. Whether your business has poor cash flow, little access to capital, or you are just starting up your operations, we are confident we can help. Please keep in mind that purchase order financing is associated with many benefits, which include:

  • The ability to expand your operations without selling your organization’s equity or taking on additional bank debt
  • Enabling your operations to get deliveries out on time to your customers
  • The ability to fulfill larger orders for clients, ultimately enhancing your profitability

This financing program can also increase your business’ share of the market. Additionally, our funding process is fast and flexible for your convenience. 

Give Us a Call

Don’t let your operations suffer because you lack the funding you need to acquire pre-sold merchandise. Instead, reach out to us at Harbour View Capital today to find out how we can help.