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Life Insurance Premium Finance

We all understand the need for life insurance. It helps us with our estate planning, takes care of our family in the event of our passing. But did you know that a strong cash value policy can build up substantial cash value... Read More

Placing a Value on Commercial Real Estate Investments

    Calculating the value of commercial real estate is a key factor in determining whether a particular investment is a smart one or not. Value is not necessarily conveyed accurately by means of asking price or selling price. Rather,... Read More

Buying Commercial Real Estate? Consider Leveraging Your Retirement Fund

    If you are considering a commercial real estate investment, one option you may not be aware could be within your reach is the use of your IRA to fund the purchase. While there are some rules you should... Read More

How Investors Value Commercial Real Estate Properties

    There is much more to the value of commercial real estate properties than the asking price, or even the selling price. In order to wisely determine whether a potential investment is a good one for a buyer, it... Read More

25 Profitable Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

    Commercial real estate is a fascinating business that many real estate investors want to be involved in. There are dozens of ways investors can be profitable, but these 25 are some of the best: Types of Properties  ... Read More

Commercial Real Estate Loans For Investors

    Investing in commercial properties such as hotels, shopping centers and other similar locations is a great way for those looking to get into the business world to make their entrance. Generally, risks are minimal and the profits can... Read More

The Big Advantages of Commercial Lending

    Despite all of the new lenders that seem to be popping up out of nowhere these days, commercial lending is still a popular choice among business owners. For instance, entrepreneurs are using traditional bank loans to invest in... Read More

New to Property Investments? Try a CRE Loan

  A CRE loan can be a tremendous way to increase cash flow by purchasing an income-producing property, and it is used solely for business purposes. In order to be approved for a commercial real estate loan, there are a... Read More

Alternative Financing for Women Entrepreneurs

    According to a recent study, it appears the same rules aren’t equal depending on your gender, female to be exact. It turns out that 15 to 20 percent of women entrepreneurs are less likely to be approved for... Read More

The Terminology of CRE Loans

  There are numerous terms associated with CRE loans including prepayment, net operating income, cash flow, as well some ratios: loan-to-value and debt-service coverage. All of these terms and ratios are critical to become educated on when trying to either... Read More