Do you want to become a small business owner? Do you not want year-round commitment that comes with owning your own business? There are plenty of other options for you then, and one of them is starting a seasonal business. This way, based on the type of business you start, you can work during the parts of the year you choose. There are many opportunities out there, and if you get creative, you may be able to come up with something that has not been done before. If you are in need of some ideas, here are some good ones.

If you like the outdoors, there are countless options for you to choose from. During the summer, you may want to start some type of outdoor adventure business. You may offer white water rafting or guided hikes. Another option is to take care of people’s lawns for money. Busy individuals will pay for a lawn service. If you have a knack for growing fruits, vegetables or flowers, you can be a seasonal farmer or gardener. Sell your crops at the farmer’s marker or at a stand on the side of the road. You can even open a flower business and sell them during peak times.

Do you have knowledge of pool chemistry? If so, you can offer pool maintenance services. This is another great summer seasonal business. If you aren’t so fond of the outdoors, you may want to consider offering moving services, especially to college students. This will be profitable around times when they move in and leave to go home for the summer. Additionally, it is not something that is needed all year. If you have some good organizational skills, being a professional organizer may be the job for you. Offer your services when the weather gets warm to those looking do to annual spring cleaning.

Another seasonal business you can start is a holiday one. Sell ornaments and decorations around Christmas time, online or from a rented space. You can do the same for other holidays as well. For instance, Halloween is an excellent time to open a costume store. Focus on products that will be in high demand during certain seasons. Something else to consider is starting a food truck. These are quite popular in the warm weather. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is something that suits your interests and talents. That way, you can enjoy what you do while not working all year. Choose a market that you know will be popular at a certain time, and you will be more likely to achieve success.